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Join guides Quinne Brown and Chrissy Taneil for a special 4-hour workshop to reconnect and rebalance. This session is available on Saturday, November 5.

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Come and remember what it means to be in the flow of heart-centered connection with ourselves, with nature, and with each other. When we are connected in this flow, it feels like home, and a familiar ease arises. 


This offering is a group therapy workshop and integrative energy healing experience. Space will be held for 12 people who feel called to participate. We will gather together in a beautiful bell tent, nestled beneath a protective oak, held in by ancient boulders all around us. 


This is an invitation to be witnessed and to receive support along your healing journey. It is also an opportunity to lovingly witness and offer support to others. There is so much healing available to us through heart-centered connection. This experience will be co-facilitated by practitioners who hold the healing circle with skillful attunement to healthy boundaries. It will be a safe space to relax into the softness of sharing our hearts with each other. 


During this 4 hour workshop, we will spend time together around fire. We will sing together. Move together. Breathe together. We will connect to the Earth with our bare feet. There will be archetypal storytelling. We will tell our own stories. We will also allow our voices to be silent to listen deeply. 


Together, we will feel the relief that comes when we return to ourselves, and remember the wonder of being human and part of the natural world.


Included in our work together, will be a Meta Energy Healing group session by Quinne. You will be guided by Quinne to tune into the flow of your subtle energy, and learn how to clear blockages of unconscious tension. As tension eases and energy flows, the mind quiets, the body relaxes, and the soul shines. 


Each group participant will have the opportunity to receive 1:1 Acuvibrational Sound Therapy from Chrissy Taneil. Acuvibration is an energy healing modality that uses sound frequency vibration from tuning forks on the body and in the energy field to move and balance the flow of Qi. Light touch is also part of this treatment. Acuvibration is noticeably effective even in brief session work. People usually describe feeling lighter, centered, and rejuvenated.


May our time together reignite your inner flame and give you full permission to be and create in the world.


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