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Meet our Guides

Quinne Brown @quinnebrown
Healing Circle Workshop and Meta Energy Healing

Quine Brown @quinnebrown

Quinne Brown Huffman known as DoulaQuinne is a birth-coach to parents
preparing for their transition into parenthood. She is a certified

transformation and mindfulness coach. For the past 10 years she has supported many women and their partners as adoula and worked in the coaching space with individuals who felt overwhelmed in the midst of transition. She has acquired and uses the specific tools of metamorphosis(prenatal therapy), Thai yoga massage, movement, breath and mindfulness to awaken wholeness in personal well-being. She is also a known public speaker and actress in television, film and theater. She believes in the power of storytelling and improvisation and has a very playful coaching style.

Chrissy Taneil @chrissytaneil
Healing Circle Workshop and Acuvibrational Sound Therapy

Chrissy Taneil

Chrissy Taneil is a licensed therapist with a clinical background in mental health treatment, group therapy, relationship work, and family systems therapy. She is also an energy + sound healing practitioner, and specializes in working with highly sensitive people. She uses a holistic approach in her work that focuses on the connection of mind, body, and spirit through integrative psychotherapy, somatic awareness, vocal toning, acuvibrational sound therapy, guided meditation, and creative expression. Chrissy Taneil is a musician and singer-songwriter. Connecting with herself and others through poetry and music is her favorite healing magic. 

Christine Taneil Canaday, LMFT

CA License No. LMFT 103012

McKenna DiVerde – @kendiv
Sound Bath and Yoga Teacher

McKenna DiVerde (@kendiv)

McKenna has been practicing yoga for fourteen years and teaching yoga for over four years. After graduating from UCLA in 2017 with a B.S. in Psychobiology, she dove head-first into her yoga studies and received her 50-hour yoga sculpt certification in June 2017 and her 200-hour power yoga certification in December 2017. Since then, she has received an additional 200+ hours of formal yoga training, as well as over 1000 hours of teaching and facilitation experience. Because of her unique background studying the biology of the brain, she has an elevated interest in the mind-body connection and how it plays out in our everyday lives. She is also wildly passionate about health and wellness, both on a physical and mental-emotional level. In addition to teaching yoga, McKenna practices Usui reiki (energy healing) and is a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego. She loves guiding hiking and travel adventures, being outside, and connecting to nature. Above all, McKenna simply loves moving in an intuitive and intentional way and feeling good from the inside out, and she loves facilitating that feeling and experience for other people. She can’t wait to share space with you!!!

Billy Pinkerton- @billypinkerton33
Yoga Teacher and Sound Bath

Billy teaches yoga because he feels it strengthens both the individual as well as the connection to community. He seeks a way of life that is sustainable and has spent the summer traveling across the country in a van he built himself. He teaches a class that is well thought out and paced for all participants. Billy is also an extremely talented sound healer and will be sharing his talents with us for this event.
Kayvon Afsarifard- @mind_body_integration
Yoga Teacher and Acrobatic Yoga Instructor

With a smile and a heart full of love, Kayvon seeks to cultivate mindful awareness through asana practice and intentional breath. He offers a dynamic class that not only moves the body but also helps the student to develop a more intimate relationship between mind, body and soul. He will be leading one of our group yoga classes as well as small group sessions of acro-yoga. Kayvon is a skilled acrobatic yoga instructor and this session is an opportunity to work with a partner to learn the fundamentals of acro-yoga, which are more about trust and letting go than gymnastic ability.

Shannon Kassoff- @shannonkassoff
Master Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher

Shannon is a reiki  master practitioner of Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Arcturian Reiki, she is an energy channel, psychic, intuitive healer, an avid meditator and a natural teacher. She helps others discover their own innate ability to heal themselves and guides them through the process of embodiment. Through her practices, her clients and students begin to experience expanded awareness, bliss as their natural state of being and collective consciousness. Shannon is also a very seasoned yoga teacher. She will not only be offering individual Reiki sessions, but she will also be leading one of the group yoga classes. Her class is an unparalleled experience of movement and meditation that will leave you wanting more every time.

Sarah Ramos- @yoga_hiking_girl
Yoga Teacher and Hiking Guide

Sarah is originally from Venezuela and turned to yoga over 20 years ago as a means of self-healing. It was such a powerful catalyst of change for her that she wanted to share it with others. She teaches a yoga flow that is both intentional and challenging. She has also been a hiking guide for places such as The Pearl in Laguna Beach. We are very lucky to have her expertise with us for this event.
Paige Silsby –
Reiki Practitioner

Clients walk away feeling grounded and embodies with a deepened awareness of how to learn from and move the energy stored in their body.  Sessions begin with a guided meditation and transition to a reiki practice that includes intuitive readings and clearings.  This one hour session is an opportunity to tune into your body and your soul in a deeply healing and restorative way.

Carrie Beck
Soul Path Discovery/Psychic Medium

Carrie Beck is a psychic medium who communicates with Spirit for personal guidance and in service of others.  She connects with spirit guides, angels, and loved ones to deliver powerful messages with care, concern, and compassion.  She believes each of us has has access to infinite wisdom and guidance and wants to help others receive the love and support available to them.  A Soul Path session with Carrie offers messages from your spirit team to bring perspective and clarity to help navigate this life.

Katie Fitzpatrick- @katiejohnsonfitzpatrick
Massage Practitioner

Katie is a physical therapist by training but has been working as a massage therapist for the last 2 years. She fundamentally believes that massage is medicine and is why she has returned to the massage room after 15 years of clinical practice. She specializes in deep tissue, trigger point release and fascial integration. Katie is also reiki certified, so each session has an extra layer of spirituality that will help deepen your connection to your physical self.

Hilde Otterholt-
Massage Practitioner/Rolfer

Hilde has been working as a massage therapist for almosr 20 years and specializes in the technique known as Rolfing. This is often thought to be the deepest form of soft tissue work, but when done in the hands of a skilled professional, it does not have to hurt to be effective!!This style of massage focuses on structural integration of the whole body and its fascial connective tissue system. After a session with Hilde, you will not only feel fantastic in the moment, but your body will continue to make changes for up to 3 weeks after just the session.

Kristin Collins- @kristinnco
Tarot Reader

Through a reading with Kristin, you’ll develop a finer grasp on the energy lines you are creating in your past, present, and future. Communicate with your highest energetic self through the lens of tarot. Kristin will be on site for the weekend, so don’t miss a chance to experience this unique offering. 

Kelli Heald- @kelliheald
Small Group and Private Meditation

Kelli is a certified Mindfulness/Meditation Guide. Her passion for meditation comes from her personal experience where meditation played an integral role in her healing journey. She believes a consistent meditation practice will elevate the quality of your life. She will be joining us to offer small group meditation sessions.
Shannon Haliko-
Small Group Breath Work

Shannon is a SOMA instructor gifted with weaving education and transformation in a single breath journey. Her foundations include yoga, nutrition and medical training.