Splitrock Farm and Retreat


Leverage the natural features of this land to create space for people to enhance the fitness of their body, mind, and spirit through recreation and education.


Splitrock Farm & Retreat and its agents endeavor to share the abundance of soil, wisdom, and energy to create and inspire a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.

Values | Goals

Economic Sustainability

Become a self-sustaining community with all energy, food, and water created from the land. Produce home-grown goods and services that Southern Californians demand; Use local suppliers first; Create inclusive entrepreneurship and work opportunities; Provide alternative housing solutions; Increase tourism to Fallbrook.

Social Sustainability

Provide spaces for fitness, healing, and wellness; Promote lifelong experiential learning; Connect people to nature, community, and themselves. Maintain open space for gathering, recreation, and relaxation; Feed and nourish people; Mitigate impacts of traffic, noise, and waste on the community of De Luz.

Environmental Sustainability

Preserve indigenous trees; Retain open spaces; Practice permaculture; Grow organic; Produce renewable electricity; Reduce single-use plastics; Reuse materials.

Join Us

Its takes a village… Splitrock Farm and Retreat seeks to share its abundant land, lifestyle, and offerings. Are you interested in starting a business on our 101-acres? A work-stay to help develop Splitrock? To help fund the vision and partake in the abundance that follows? Follow the links below to apply.

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