SOL Gratitude Village at Splitrock Farm & Retreat

Experiential Outdoor Immersion

A community of life-long learners, who embrace a holistic and integrative approach to experience the purposeful and purposeful flow of life through relations and the natural world, is empowered to foster compassion, gratitude, connection, awareness, generosity, kindness, self-acceptance, self-trust, self-motivation, self-reliance, local & global engagement, and the responsible embracement of personal and social stewardship of this planet.

Sol Learning Village is a holistic and nurturing nature-based outdoor farm and forest environment in which children can joyfully and passionately explore and learn at their own pace. We are dedicated to guide and mentor children and youth in discovering their unique gifts and following their passion as co-learners through the prepared environment and practical tools they need for social, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual development.

Located on 101 acres in North Sand Diego, Ca. the physical space at Sol Gratitude Village plans to include a market garden, food forest, pastures of free range animals, children’s play areas, access to beautiful natural settings with hiking trails and views, and a wood-stove heated barn. The Village launches a suite of farm and forest-based educational opportunities for ages 2.5 through 18 years of age, beginning 2024. 

We are currently accepting donations for the continued development of this outdoor learning center. Tax deductible donations are received through a 501c3 non-profit organization. We appreciate your support to help make this alternative way of learning accessible and affordable for both children and adults.

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